The Wizard's Wisdom is Love

If you scored high in this section on Spirituality, you are connected with Magic and love.

Magic and Love are aspects or parts of the same thing and are in you and the entire Universe.

The more you allow all of this into your life, the more it expands and keeps the "Unmakers" away.

Your Love, Magic, Wonder, and Joy are essential for the well-being of Earth, Humanity, and the entire Universe.

Wizard's advice – Share yourself, your Magic, and your Love with others. It grows as you share.

What if you're not feeling strong, capable, and loving? What if your Magic seems far away?

Here are a few techniques that can connect you back into that part of you that knows that you'll always be taken care of and that you are strong beyond your understanding.

Thank you! I love you!
• Raise your arms and say "thank you, I love you" - repeat 3 times
• Go on a walk with no music, sound, or headphones. Experience the love around, just be
• See what you can see and feel; let it all in.
• Be with nature

When in crisis
When things are going on around you that you're upset about
• Love thy enemy. No matter what's right or wrong or what the issue is, send them love
• You don't have to agree or disagree. Simply send love
• You'll feel better and stronger

Mirror work
• Look into the mirror and smile
• Tell yourself, "I love you. You are powerful, strong, and loving."
• I love you; you are powerful. You are strong, and you are loving
• You are small but mighty
• Love everybody and everything all the time
• Believe it, live it, be it
• It is our gift that each of us is blessed with
• Enjoy it and know you are always loved
• Sometimes when you're not feeling loved
• Put out your arms and say I love you too
• You have nothing to fear, will always be okay no matter what
• In every moment, be reminded what a wonderful world we live in.   
• Remind yourself of what has been, what is, and what will be again.

You are a window into the soul of the Earth, the Universe, and Humanity.

Be Yourself!

You are Love! You are Magic! 

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Most of all - Be the Love! Be the Magic, and spread it around!

Thank you for being part of this magical journey.

With gratitude, AnnaMariah

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