Unicorn - Let Your Light Shine

If you scored high in this section on Grounding and Being True to Yourself, you're doing a good job of letting your light shine and letting others see who you truly are in all your beauty and talent.

As we've discussed previously, it's often difficult to feel safe being who you truly are. If you're not feeling safe in being ALL of you, it's hard to let your life shine.

The unicorns disguise themselves as horses except for when they are around other unicorns or beings who love and accept them as they are.

Your Spirit and Magic are precious and are a gift to the World. Recognize it, protect it, honor it, blossom back to it.

When you're with those who can't or won't open their minds, keep your energy, thoughts, and Magic close in and protected.

When you keep your energy strong, even the "Unmakers" and doubters can't drain it.

Surround Yourself with Those You Can Be Yourself With
When you surround yourself with people you can be yourself with in all your love, silliness, and glory, you keep your energy strong.

Find Your Tribe
It often takes effort to find your tribe, those who share some of the same beliefs, goals, and even challenges that you do.

I've often heard people say they feel like they're alone in an area that doesn't seem to have other people like them.

Don't let yourself fall into that trap. Frequently, there are a lot of other people saying the same thing and feeling frustrated. They, too, are wondering where "everyone" is. 

Story from My Life

I've moved several times to cities where I knew nobody, and the culture, demographics, and even politics were different from what I was used to.

Back before the Internet, there was a time when everything was printed in local papers or notices on bulletin boards. I went to those places and looked for events and gatherings that caught my attention, and many intrigued me even though they weren't anything I knew.

I rapidly started meeting interesting women and learning about many things that had been outside my awareness previously. It seemed that I was "coming more into myself" as I explored new areas. It was a revelation to be among those who also thought outside the box and were open to many alternative ways of thinking and doing things. 

In later years, I used the Internet to do the same thing. Meetup, local FaceBook groups, and event notices helped me from feeling isolated. I found out very quickly in each new place, there were many people with similar interests, and they were happy to meet me too.

I certainly learned my lesson about making pre-judgments about an area. It was always a lot different than what I'd expected, usually happily so. But it did take me opening up and doing the work to meet them. The more I met people and explored, the more I came alive and began living the World. I know you can do the same.

Find where you can let yourself shine fully & magnificently.

The World rejoices in your Magic and Love. 

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