Trees are Wisdom and Connection

If you scored high in this section on Spirituality. In that case, you are most likely deeply connected to your inner compass, higher-self, or a Higher Power (Eternal Spirit, the Universe, Guides, God, Goddess, All That Is, etc.), or the Wisdom of Nature and can feel the Love and Magic a good share of the time.

In our turbulent times, we all seem to need even more help and awareness to help us stay focused on the truth of who we are and be strong. Here are a few of the things that have helped me. 

Wisdom and Connection

Trees are SO connected...the root system is a living being, fully grounded and centered here on Earth.

The more grounded you are, the more you can expand into the cosmos and merge with all that is.

1. If you feel off-balance, disconnected, or anxious, allow yourself to connect with nature and feel grounded.

2. If need be, go back to the Inner Voice Technique I shared previously. When you feel safe and centered, you can feel it all and expand and be one with everything. 

3. Trees aren't just grounded into the Earth. They also expand out into the sky.

5. Be Like a Tree and Breathe in love
• Take three deep breaths breathe in that love
• On the exhale, let out frustrations, expectations, fear
• Breathe in hearts, color love, it's everywhere
• Let out your frustrations
• Breathe in all the wonders of love that's everywhere around you

Repeat three times - or as many times you need to feel fully present, safe, and grounded.

When you feel safe and centered, you can feel yourself expand and be one with everything, rooted in the Earth and touching the Sky and the Universe.

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