Sally - Get Unstuck with the Help of your Personal Ally

I ALWAYS seemed to find myself twisting my ankle or getting stuck in some crazy situation with no clear way out. 

Life seemed so difficult and frustrating.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the world didn't jinx me, but somewhere along the line, I'd begun believing things about myself that constantly tripped me up.

My life changed with a Little Help, a Shift in Perspective, and Learning to See Myself Differently

When Zemma and Joy found me stuck under a huge boulder (don't ask me how I got there without breaking any bones), they playfully offered me a fresh perspective.

Joy opened a bottle and sprinkled something over me that sparkled in the sunlight and said, “Don’t open your eyes yet. I want you to imagine with all your might that there is a genie strong enough to lift the boulder like a pebble. But he’s gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Imagine him easily lifting the boulder from your foot.”

I closed my eyes tightly, squeezing them, I'm sure I looked comical. "Wow, I can see him; the genie is enormous and super strong.”

“Good." Said Joy,  "Ask the genie to lift the boulder just enough for you to pull your foot out.”

The boulder lifted effortlessly. I was surprised when Joy explained that the genie was really me, and I was accessing my OWN strength and creative problem-solving ability and that I would no longer be jinxed and be a klutz.

"I’ve always wanted to stop being such a klutz. But the more I tried, the worse I got."

“That happens a lot. The more you concentrate on not doing something, the more it happens. That’s because whatever you focus on continues to grow in strength. It’s an attention thing. If you focused on being graceful instead of trying to ‘not be a klutz,’ I think you’d find things would go a lot differently," said a smiling Joy.

“You’re saying I shouldn’t think about ‘not being klutzy.’ I should pretend I’m graceful. And that will make a difference? Why?” I said a little suspiciously.

“It’s the way the Universe works. Whatever we resist persists. If you want to stop something, you don’t think about not doing it. Don’t resist it. Concentrate instead on a positive action that you do want. In your case, concentrate on being graceful. I think you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes. You’ve got a head start since you don’t have a jinx to trip you up any longer. Sally, I want to be clear, you never had a real jinx;, you just believed wrongly what people kept telling you. Once you believe you are weak or less than in some way, you find all kinds of things to reinforce that belief. 

But, the good news is, once you begin to see and affirm the opposite of that negative self-belief, the stronger you become. Pretty soon, you know you can always count on yourself," laughed Joy. 

Next time you feel stuck, try seeing your own personal helper or ally come to your side. Ask for what you need and envision exactly that! How does it FEEL?

You might think of a whole new way of seeing yourself and the situation.... 

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