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If you scored high in this section on Grounding and Being True to Yourself, you're finding ways to live your dreams and be true to yourself. Not letting go of that despite what others say.

If you're finding it difficult to live your dream, you're certainly not alone. So many people give advice to toe the line, do what's expected,, not make waves, and sometimes tell you not to stand out.

Don't let shyness or fear of what others think you should be, say or have, stop you from being yourself and rockin' your dreams.

There's a lot of Magic in those dreams.

Note about the photo: This is me, Purple, with my other purple friends holding AnnaMariah's novel "The Dual Path." We're happy to be part of her happy purple family, and thrilled that she made her dream of being a published author come true...regardless of how many years it took.

Purple says, I always thought my whole purpose was to be a mean, scary monster... but my heart wasn't in it. I don't really want to scare people, which is good because I was terrible at being scary.

Do you want to hear something funny,? While I was trying to be a scary monster, something I'm obviously not, my music was horrible. People did run away screaming, but not for the reasons I'd hoped. My music hurt their ears! Can you imagine that?

SUDDENLY, MY MUSIC WAS WONDERFUL when I understood who I really am and vowed to become a Rock n'Roll star. It makes people smile and dance.

I LOVE performing, especially Rock n' Roll! I'm so happy to get the wiggle in people's hips - see them dancing, laughing, and vibing with the beat....

Don't let shyness or fear of what others think you should be, say or have stop you from being yourself and rockin' your dreams.

Here are a few suggestions

1. Question the status quo.
2. Don't allow yourself to be stuffed into a square hole because that's what's expected.
3. Take the time to question what is and ask yourself if this is what you really want.

Get in Touch with that Still Small Voice and Everything Changes

Yes, I'm back to this idea again. In case you forgot you didn't see the link earlier, I'll put it in the box below.

It truly is one of the keys to creating a life that you love.

Share your Talent with the World. There's a lot of Magic in your dreams.

Click to Read - Get in Touch with Your Still Small Voice 

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