The Fairies and Dragon - Trust Your Perceptions

If you got a high score in this section on Trusting yourself and your perceptions, you've learned to ignore the doubters and trust your own intuition, senses, and gut feelings. Hooray!

It's not always easy to trust yourself and what you see and feel. Many are eager to tell you that you're wrong, crazy, or a bit demented. If your score is lower, you can change it with some practice and awareness.

When you trust and honor what you know to be true, Magic, synchronicity, and wonder enrich your life.

Don't let yourself be talked out of what you know in your heart to be true.

In "The Dual Path," Zemma stopped seeing fairies because others told her there were no fairies and teased her horribly. Only when she began to believe could she see the fairies again. They were so happy and excited that she could see them once again.

There are countless tales of fairies and other magical creatures fading from the world when people no longer believed in them. It's not just the creatures that fade, but your own Joy, Magic, and Love.

Jackie quit seeing his friend, the dragon, for the same reason. Bullies made fun of him and told him there were no dragons. He didn't believe them, though, until he looked it up in the library and read that dragons are mythical beings - not real. Your Beliefs can make a huge difference in what you perceive around you.

How do you regain or find that trust?

1. Pay attention to little synchronicities or coincidences in your life.

Acknowledge when they happen and thank them. (The Universe, God, Goddess, All That Is, Your Guides, etc.)

When you acknowledge and give thanks, your trust grows stronger.

2. Consider Intuitive random thoughts
You know, those thoughts that seem to come out of the blue warning you about something or suggesting a different course of action. 

Please don't push it away as not making sense, think about it and let it perk for awhile.

You may want to check those warnings out further, see if there's something that does need your attention or caution. 

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The Fairies say

We love it when you see us and invite us to play. And our friend, the Magic Dragon, knows too how being seen and loved and having someone to share with is vital to our very existence.

The "Unmakers" and unbelievers think they're helping to keep us safe by keeping us from believing in Magic or anything too frivolous or fanciful. Wrong! After all, it cannot be seen, even under a microscope, so it must not be real?

We are part of a whole magical world around you that adds fun, creativity, and meaning to your life.

When you acknowledge us and your own perceptions, you say "Yes" to "living the World." 

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