The Eagle - Everything Looks Different from a Higher Perspective

If you got a high score in this section on Trusting yourself and your perceptions, you've learned not to let what you see in the World bog you down. You've found an inner strength or belief that lifts and supports you, helping you to rise above the pain.

If your score is on the low side, you have a lot of company. The news, the internet, and all the hype around us is hard to ignore, and it can wear down the positive feelings of the strongest of us, fear seeps in, and we lose ourselves in fear. 

The Eagle Asks - How happy are you with the way things look from where you are?

In our world of constant news, input and hype, it's easy to lose perspective and get so deeply involved in all the scary things you're told to look out for that you can feel that there's no way to get past the danger and fear of this world. 

In "The Dual Path," when Zemma was fearful, she started watching an eagle flying so beautifully, high above everything, and imagining how that felt. She was no longer just watching but flying and soaring looking through the eagle's eyes to her surprise.

As she did, she began to hear a song that Bette Midler sang, "From a Distance."

She sang of how from a distance, things are not always what they appear to be. Amid war and strife, there is harmony, the voices of hope, love, and peace singing in the heart of every man. God is watching us. Zemmabegan singing out loud with new meaning and zest. Zemma looked down from her flight, feeling that she completely understood the song for the first time. She felt oneness with everything and everyone and knew for that brief moment there was nothing but love, the Universe, and all of Creation was love, only love, and everything was perfect. It was possible to see without judgment, to experience everything as perfection.

Then, again, doubt came into her mind. How could it all be perfect? How can war, famine, disease, and death be part of the divine order? She plummeted towards the Earth. She caught herself and leveled out just before she hit the ground.

Dismayed, Zemma asked, “Joy, how can this be? How can everything be perfect? I’m still afraid!” 

Joy looked lovingly into Zemma's eyes, “Zemma, we’ve discussed karma and the fact that many of us are here to grow and learn lessons. Each of us goes through the experiences that will make us stronger or more compassionate or more loving or…whatever our purpose is. Sometimes to learn, we must go through painful experiences that down here on Earth look horrific. However, when seen from a distance, it’s possible to grasp the overall pattern of perfection.” 

It takes practice to allow yourself to see from a distance.

The Eagle Says

It took practice to trust my own wing strength and learn to let myself soar freely.

When I'm in the sky, gliding from one updraft to the next, I feel completely supported. I only need to face the right direction and allow myself to keep going. I can see the vast landscape unfolding beneath me. What seems like an endless struggle when I'm in the middle of it all is revealed to be a beautiful, exhilarating vista with endless choices.

Next time you feel you can't see how to achieve your goals or need a new perspective, try taking a different path or method of getting there, and from a new perspective, all may be clear...

From a distance, you can see the whole glorious landscape...and see your path's choices more clearly.

Watch this video and listen to the beautiful song "From a Distance"

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