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Is Earth to Star Adventures a book, a series, or something more?

It’s both. When I started writing many years ago and even when I was re-writing and adding important elements to the story – in my mind, it was a novel, the first in a series. The title changed many times over the years, and I thought I was done, but when its name morphed into The Dual Path: An Earth to Stars Adventures, it was as if a door into a much larger future opened up.

Instead of this being one adventure – it became an ongoing series of adventures and no longer just on the written page. I could see FaceBook groups, quizzes, magic wands, gemstone heart pendants, an oracle deck, and even a movie. Those visions danced in my head, and I could feel a tingle in my body. I knew I had just agreed to something that was beyond my comprehension. I had made an agreement with the Universe.

Where is this adventure leading? Many places and people will join me in the coming years, as this book becomes a community and so much more. I’m wowed by the picture I have of events in planetariums as we gaze at the stars and allow ourselves to dream ourselves onto the magic wand garden. I delight as I see groups of adults and children, either together or in separate groups, taking a hike into the beautiful countryside to stargaze, commune with the trees and rocks and maybe even allow themselves to see the fairies.

And that’s just the beginning. The Universe will guide the process and bring the people and resources to help make this expanding dream into an immersive experience that takes on a life of its own.

Are you called to join my Crystalline Heart Family? (that’ll make more sense after you read the book)

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